Helene Jewell

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Jewell Facilitation

I am a professional facilitator which means that I focus on enabling groups of people to have more effective and productive discussions. These may be in the form of workshops, away days or events and are often around things like visioning, planning, goal setting, reviewing projects, ideas generation and problem solving. Working together like this improves team communication which in turn makes for a happier workforce. I also deliver open workshops on how to do workshops (Workshop Essentials) and how to market workshops (Marketing Your Workshops Made Easy).

Your favourite thing about Business Choir

I love us all being able to sing together and no one really caring whether you hit a bum note or forget the words, it’s a lot of fun, no pressure and the sound when we come together is pretty amazing!

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W:  Jewellfacilitation.com
Social: @HeleneJewell
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jewellfacilitation/

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