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Spillane Consulting

Partnering Entrepreneurs to help shoulder the load

I run Bristol-based company Spillane Consulting - our mission is to support busy small business owners with all things administration. I am supported by a team of Associate Virtual Assistants, with a wide variety of skills and experience.

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Excited about the future but you just can't seem to find the time to focus on moving your business forward?

  • Bogged down by business admin?

Spillane Consulting can help you with all of the above and more!

We do this by getting in alongside you, getting under the skin of your business, by helping you to be better organised and by working on and delivering practical solutions so that you can get the best out of your business (and ultimately yourself!).

You can engage us on either an ongoing (retainer) basis, for a specific time-limited project, or for ad hoc work.

Your favourite thing about Business Choir?

I just LOVE singing. Business Choir is essentially part of my self-care programme. It's a real bonus that I get to network with a lovely like-minded group of business owners who appreciate the value of building business relationships in a relaxed environment where the main objective is to enjoy ourselves.

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W:  spillaneconsulting.co.uk
LI:  linkedin.com/in/emmaspillane
Social:  @SpillaneConsult
Facebook: www.facebook.com/spillaneconsult/

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