How it works


At a Business Choir rehearsal, you can expect something like this:

  • 30 minutes - Tea/coffee and networking, often led by another choir member.

  • 15 minutes - Gentle body stretches and vocal warm ups.

  • 15 minutes - Warm up song (quick to learn vocal jams)

  • 45 minutes - Learning new repertoire or revisiting songs

  • 15 minutes - Cool down and goodbye.

  • Finish - End of rehearsal. Organic networking as you leave.




Networking - Choir 001.jpg

We’re all in business, so we know how important it is to grow your network. Every Business Choir rehearsal includes 30 minutes of networking. It might be a focus question to get you thinking differently about your business, or it might be an activity run by another choir member. Each week is something different and it’s always lots of fun!


Warm ups

Learning good vocal technique will help you be a better speaker as well as singer - a welcome benefit for the business owner! Each rehearsal has a dedicated time for stretching and warming up the voice - with a focus on learning voice technique as you go. We finish the warm up with a vocal jam - a fun, easy to learn quick song to get you and your voice in the mood for some serious singing!



We understand that you’re probably not musicians and we don’t expect you to be. That’s why we choose simple arrangements to contemporary songs. Sometimes we split into 4 parts and sometimes 3 parts does the trick.

It’s also why we never give you sheet music. Whilst it looks beautiful, the dots and dashes can be quite confusing when you’re not used to them. All harmony parts are learnt by ear and you’ll only be given lyrics for each song.

All members are given access to rehearsal tracks to help you learn your harmony part at home. And if you can’t pick up the harmony? No worries! Just sing the tune and give your best smile instead.

Want some examples of music we sing? Our repertoire includes hits from Rag n Bone Man, The B52s, The Greatest Showman and Paloma Faith.


Members Benefits

Participation in choir concerts and gigs.
Concerts and events are for members only. Join the choir as a member to make the most of these exciting performing opportunities.

Access to lyric sheets and rehearsal tracks.
Members receive a unique log in to access lyric sheets and download rehearsal tracks for practising parts at home.

Business spotlights on social media.
Each member will benefit from a social media spotlight on their business, telling the online world who you are, what you do and how to find you.
Member’s directory and guest blog opportunities.
Each member has a dedicated page in our directory and the chance to offer guest blogs and run member takeovers - showcasing your expertise and raising your profile.

Free Business Choir Membership for private clients.
There are a number of ways you can work with Amy as a private client to access professional vocal coaching and enjoy all the other benefits of being a choir member for free. Ask for more details.

One months free membership.
Choose to pay your annual membership in full and get a month for free.

Yearly Membership for Business Choir can be paid in 12 monthly instalments of £25, or £275 if paid in full.