3 reasons singing is good for business


You’re in business. Perhaps you’re a small business owner. Maybe you’re a contractor. Or you might even be the CEO of a thriving new company. You’re hustling hard to build your dream and working all the hours under the sun to pull it together. So why would you take time out for singing?

Because it will make you a better business owner, that’s why.

No, I’m not pulling you’re leg. And yes, you can laugh all you like, but believe me - it’s true. Let’s take a look at just 3 of the many reasons singing is good for business.


It makes you more productive

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Singing is a skill which requires you to isolate parts of your body, and also keep everything working together as a whole. Whether consciously or not, your body is engaging your abdominal muscles, your breathing mechanism, your spine and pelvis, the intricate workings of your vocal cords and the muscles and chambers of your face to create sound. All this work needs a brain to fuel it - which means your brain is awake and alive and taking action while you sing.

In addition to this, the extra oxygen you’re breathing while you fill your lungs for those nice big notes is also adding fuel to your brain. Your happy think tank is getting exercised and fuelled up as you sing - which means when you come to work your brain will be ready to focus, making you more productive.

It’s basically like a workout for your brain.


It gives you more confidence

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Most people would argue that you need to have confidence before you sing, but have you ever considered it might be the singing itself which gives the confidence? 

For your voice to truly work to it’s best ability it needs to exist within the whole body (duh), and an awareness of what the whole body is doing will help you to be a better singer. When are you able to take a step out of your business and just ‘be’ - feeling your body breathing and living? Singing encourages a deep sense of awareness of oneself. An awareness of your physical body but also of your inner self.

I often say I find it a privilege as a teacher that you share your voice with me. When you sing, an expression of you literally comes from within you to the outside world. Whilst this can be a pretty vulnerable experience, it’s also incredibly empowering.

The more you practise engaging your body and getting used to using your voice, the more confidence you will have in yourself. Your business will surely benefit from a more confident leader.


It helps you de-stress

The health benefits of singing are widely researched and documented. Perhaps the most commonly documented benefit is that of stress relief.

When you sing, your body releases stored muscle tension and literally exhales. Scientists have revealed that singing reduces the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your blood stream, and it also releases endorphins - those happy feel-good chemicals which make you feel warm and fuzzy inside (aaahhh).

Vibrations are a good way of releasing muscle tension and massaging the body - and what happens when you’re singing? Your vocal cords quite literally vibrate at high speeds, the sound waves vibrate as they leave the body and you feel those vibrations in your chest, neck and face. It’s almost like a massage from the inside out - what can be better for relieving stress?


I’ve only tickled the surface here - there are countless amazing benefits to singing. One way to ensure you’re singing regularly and making sure you’re having fun with it is to join a choir. Here are some bonus benefits to choral singing:


It improves your listening skills

Learning to listen to your own voice as well as the parts around you increases listening and awareness skills and builds confidence in yourself and your own voice.


It makes you work together

Singing in a group is great for team-building and making connections. As any good business owner knows, relationships are key for growth, which makes this sort of networking fruitful with referrals and collaborations.


It provides fun performance opportunities


Shower singing rarely leaves the bathroom, where else will you get the chance to show off your new skills? A choir gives you the opportunity to perform in front of a real life audience, where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Performing opportunities are exciting, fun and they drastically increase confidence and sense of self worth.


The positive benefits of choral singing are invaluable to small business owners; greater confidence and self-worth, listening skills, team work, relaxation techniques and an outlet for stress relief, a cure for loneliness (self employed life can be lonely!) amongst other health benefits which come from singing in general. If you can join a choir, I recommend it.

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